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uPlot Chart
uPlot Chart offers an easy to use and very simple program to manage underground utility data. Designed primarily to plot underground utilities along a linear alignment. The main graphic display is the Depth View Chart. This chart plots the distance on the Xaxis (left to right) and depth on the Yaxis. Data can be imported into the program or created within the program.

Marker Attributes
Markers represent utilities or points of interest recorded in the field. The Marker Attributes application allows the user to shape and size the marker to represent its scaled size when displayed in the chart.

Chart Filters
In addition to the global marker toggle, data can also be filtered to custom criterior. The user can choose all markers less than, greater than, equal too or between depths. How the filtered region is viewed can also be customised to Shaded, Highlighted or colored.

The user can draw lines on the depth view chart and save them as Pathway files. Pathways are independant of datasets so they can be overlaid onto any dataset with in the Project of origin. Not recommended as a horizontal drilling application as the surface is assumed to be flat.

Data Manager
The Data Manager Application is where data files can be manually created, deleted and renamed. CSV Data files that have been sourced from third party applications can be converted to uPlot Chart data files.
Plan View In Development
Switch the depth view chart to plan view and utilise the full XYZ coordinate data. Similar markers can be set to join forming lines.
Profiles In Development
Draw a straight profile line on the plan view chart then show its profile with underground markers in the depth view chart.
Base Image In Development
Add a base image to the plan view chart.

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